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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders

  • I'm always curious about the motivations people have behind starting their brand and the story behind them. So here's mine...

In preparation for writing this, I looked at dozens of about us pages for other clothing brands. Some questions emerged. Does it sound better to write in first or third person even though I’m the only person ever to run this?  Do I try to make me or the brand sound really sophisticated and cool? Do I even have an about page when plenty of brands don’t? You may have guessed by now I tend to overthink things.

Truth be told, Playin Pretend was created because I was inspired by everything and didn't want a brand that fit in a neat box with one singular focus. When we pretend, we explore different realities, and just like that, I wanted clothes to be fun and ever-changing with different styles and feelings associated with each release.

So, in 2017, while a sophomore at Portland State University, I started Playin Pretend to capture this feeling and as a reflection of what I wanted to see in clothing. Graphic-based clothing that anyone can wear and in which the art did the talking (no more one color, text designs plz). Let's reimagine clothing for the young at heart.

-Brycen Johnson 2020

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